For summer classes, Ralph Cabrera is offering Summer Sessions from 


in The Roads, Miami, Fl.

from the hours of 2pm - 6 pm Monday thru Thursday

For more information, please contact

or call 305.856.7646

private individual art classes


Learn to draw your favorite TV and Movie characters using simple fun shapes.

Class is geared towards those who are starting off and want to know the basic fundamental instruments to bring out their artistic skills.

Advanced Course

For those who have a grasp on basic artistic structure, this is the course for you. 

Course will cover advanced structure of the human body, head, anatomy, perspective, foreshortening, figure drawing and more...

Photoshop - from Beginner to Advanced

Learn to color like the pros!

Course will cover scanning, completing flats and building up tones. 

Use the power of Photoshop to build techniques, tweak your skills and get professional-quality results!

Learn all skills required for professional printing as well.

(Must bring your own laptop with any version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. 

No laptop, no problem. Bring your I-Pad Pro with Procreate)

HOW To Draw Comics

For the Comic Book enthusiast, this is for you!

This course will take you thru the process of creating your own Graphic Novel. Course will cover Layouts, Penciling, inking and creating the perfect cover. Students will learn thru professional published scripts from Marvel and DC Comics.