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About Ralph


Ralph Cabrera is a Freelance Comic Book Artist with over thirty years of Professional Illustration experience. He has worked for such notables as Marvel & DC Comics as well as a huge listing of production and advertising companies as a Graphic Illustrator.

What we offer


Ralph works as a Graphic Designer, Storyboard and Shooting board artist as well as Illustrator instructor for individual classes and painting parties. From custom Murals and boat / car wraps, Caricatures, Children Books and Logos, Ralph's artwork will amaze a crowd.

Why choose us


Whether you have a specialized Sporting Events, non-profit or city project, Ralph's designing skills will prove an asset to your presentation

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Ralph Cabrera-Comic Book Artist-Graphic Illustrator

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Your one stop for all your illustrative needs

email: adillustrator@yahoo.com

Instagram: ralphcabreraillustrator

Ralph Cabrera

230 S.W. 27 RD. Miami, FL 33129, US

(305) 978-2410