Ralph Cabrera
Illustrator/Graphic Design
On December 2016, Ralph Cabrera and Mary Lopez, wife and teacher self published the story of their family. The book shows the family's struggle with second child infertility. It shows how through prayer, they were able to give their child hope and direction to battle future problems. The setting of the story is in Miami, Florida. Follow the link below to purchase a book today for $6.95. 
Ralph's  newest endeavor was the publication of his book with characters based on his real family life in December 2016. The book is titled,"My Mommy is having Twins" .  It currently sold out at both The Miami International Book Fair in Downtown Miami as well as the Magic City Con In Fort Lauderdale. With vibrant colors, and lively characters as well as a positive message, the book is a hit for children between the ages of five through twelve.  The book is currently available for individual or group sales . For more information, email our sales manager Mary at mrsmarylo@yahoo.com