Ralph Cabrera
Illustrator/Graphic Design
A full Cover original by Ralph Cabrera shows incredible detail and really make a Man Cave amazing.
This unique Wonder Woman was featured for a center for Battered Women and was a hit.  email: adillustrator@yahoo.com for more information or to bring her home today.
Wolverine is always guaranteed to amaze anyone.  Bring Wolverine home with just a phone call to one of our representatives today at 305-867-7646.
Allow The Hulk to bust through your wall with a certified Ralph Cabrera original 
The Flash is a great Eye Catcher. Bring him into your living room . 


If you wish to order a commission, you may send 50% down payment thru Square. Call 305.978.2410 or email me at adillustrator@yahoo.com to set up payment.

My commission rates are:

- $450 for a full, cover quality drawing
Pen and ink on 11x17 Bristol Board
(Limited to 3 characters: cover copy, logos and trade dress are printed on board

- $150 for a full figure drawing. $75 ea. for additional figures
Pen and ink on 11x17 bristol board

- $120 for a single full figure drawing. $60 ea. for additional figures.
Pen and ink on 11x14 bristol board.

- $90 for mid figure
Pen and ink on 11x14 bristol board

Steps to purchasing a Customized Artwork Today:

 1.  Decide what superhero or villian pose .

 2. Determine what size.

 3. Call 305-856-7646 and speak to a representative.  Pre-pay 50 Percent of your artwork. 

4. Be ready for Text Alert

You will receive a text photo of completed artwork  with receipt.

5. Once you approve your final artwork, pay your remaining 50%

6. Await delivery of artwork . Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery and 
include $12.50 for Priority Mail or $20 for express delivery through FedEx.

Thank You