Ralph Cabrera
Illustrator/Graphic Design

Ralph Cabrera started drawing Comics for Americomics at the age of 20.  His passion for Comics was always present as he completed several  freelance  jobs for DC Comics until he obtained a  monthly title with Marvel Comics.   His full-time career with Marvel lasted over 10 years.  In 1996, he began his freelance work .   He has held numerous conferences and has published ten books including How to get into and Graduate from College in 4 Years with Martin J. Spethman.


Ralph loves sketching and continues to study human anatomy. He is well-known for the humanistic flow of hair and his ability to draw muscle tones.   From the flow of his comic book art to his caricatures, Ralph’s art is unique.  He enjoys working in the Advertising  field and being part of the comic industry.  From the Florida Sunpass reindeer to the Broward Health Star, he can take a simple figure and give it life.  He enjoys working in the advertising field and and being part of the comic industry.

In 2006, Ralph endeavored in an extreme sport line of apparel . In 2009, he completed  his rendition of “the Last Supper” which took thirteen Good Fridays to complete..  In 2010, he completed his book with his wife, Mary. He has three girls who are homeschoolers . He has worked with Easter Seals, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, La Liga Contra el Cancer, the Rojani Foundation, as well as the restoration of the Marine Stadium in Key Biscayne, Florida. He supports literacy programs and career day activities designed to motivate our youth. From Radio Peace to Camino, Ralph enjoys the ability to give back to the community. From Project Green to the Riverwalk events, Ralph knows the benefits of sharing your talents on projects tailored for the benefit of all.

His interests include Cycling, Boating, Swimming, playing dominoes, and spending a relaxing evening with friends.   He enjoys a good graphic novel as well as the ability to admire his ongoing collection of CONAN.

During the Summer, he offers art classes for both children and adults. He believes that education and faith are the tools to achieve inner success.

When traveling, his favorite activity involves his quest for the perfect KEY LIME PIE.  At home, he is the king of the BBQ..Upon further examination of his artwork, you can see his persistence with perfection of the figure in action.   We invite you to enter into the world of Ralph Cabrera.


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