Ralph Cabrera
Illustrator/Graphic Design
Advertising/ Storyboards
From onsite storyboard artwork to graphic art pieces for publication of books, magazines, or websites, Ralph Cabrera can deliver clean, professional artwork with amazing results. Take a close look below for black and white or full-color shooting boards.
On set for shooting boards at Key Biscayne
Shooting Boards for Florida Lotto
Concept Board for a pop up ad for Smirnoff Frozen Cocktails
There was an animated MetLife commercial that aired during the 2012 SuperBowl. Viewers were asked to join FaceBook and Twitter Live during game and interact  with characters  as game progressed. This was a joint venture with Warner Brothers and Hanna- Barbera. This was a great opportunity for me to relive my childhood cartoons. 
COMPS: These are single illustrations used for set design,composition. They are also used as a guide for photographers. They are normally rendered tight, almost finished art.